How to Start Selling your Best Aerial Photography and Drone Footage?

The ordinary photos do not bring such earnings anymore as they did before. Of course, there is a demand for them in various photo banks, but to start making good money, you need to be a photography expert. Aerial photography and footage are more popular today. The cheapening of drones has prompted many photographers to…

The ordinary photos do not bring such earnings anymore as they did before. Of course, there is a demand for them in various photo banks, but to start making good money, you need to be a photography expert. Aerial photography and footage are more popular today.

The cheapening of drones has prompted many photographers to explore a new direction. What is more, such photos are in great demand. Aerial photos and videos are always incredibly beautiful, but even a few years ago, it was very difficult to take such photos. Now the process of obtaining photos and videos from the sky has become much easier with drones, and this type of photo content began to prevail over ordinary photos.

But becoming a professional aerial photographer is a little more than just buying equipment. In this article, you will learn how to sell aerial photography and cooperate with reliable companies.


What to Do If You Are a Newbie?

It should be noted right away that the presence of a drone and the ability to operate it are not the main conditions that will help you make good money on the photo. To get good money for your work, you will need to become a real pro. Here are some guidelines to help you.


Buy the Right Drone

If you do not have specialized equipment yet, then in addition to technical characteristics and reviews, there is something else to consider. For example, the on-board camera will create a lower quality photo. These drones are usually large, but the photo quality is not the best. This option is only suitable if you are a complete beginner in photography.

Drones that allow you to install your camera have many more advantages. These drones are easier to control, and the images are much better. If you aim to get high-paying employers, then you should pay attention to just this option.

It is also worth taking care of specialized but must-have accessories:

  • SD cards, so you didn’t have to worry about running out of device memory.
  • Additional batteries, since the uptime of many drones’ models is limited.
  • LED flashlights to help you take pictures at night.


Know the Laws

In addition to the quality of the photo, you should not forget about the laws. Each country has its laws regarding drones, flights, and types of photography. Also, there are countries where drones are prohibited so it makes no sense to travel there in a hope of taking incredible photos. Understanding where you can run the technique and where you can not will save you from troubles and penalties.

As the number of drones increases, the legislation regarding this technology is constantly changing. So, in addition to the ability to photograph, you also need to learn to monitor changes in legislation constantly. Also, the rules for personal and commercial use of drone-made photos are quite different. That is why you need to consult the layers before starting aerial photoshoot with the aim of further selling.


Get Insurance and License

In order to protect yourself from trouble, you should get insurance and a flying license. Insurance will help to protect not only the equipment but also gain a good reputation among customers. In this case, your pictures will be taken within the legal framework, and this is what you need to make money with aerial photography.

As for the license, you can find out about its need in the current legislation. If you plan to shoot all over the world, then such a license will definitely come in handy, since each country has its requirements. Also, the license will not be superfluous when you take photos and pictures for commercial purposes.


How to Start Your Way to Money Making with Aerial Photography?

Of course, taking photos and videos with a drone is a very exciting experience. However, this is also not enough to start getting paid for your pictures. To do this, you will need to gather a target audience and declare yourself as a professional. Below you will find tips to help you monetize your aerial photography skills.


Analyze the Level of Competition

Almost every day, more and more companies that offer aerial pictures and videos appear. To be competitive in such a fast-growing industry, you need to know what your competitors are doing and what makes them successful.

For example, all photographers in your area only take photos without video content. Or they offer services at high prices. One way or another, you need to understand what you can offer that the clients will choose you, not your competitors.

If you want to be a real pro, then you don’t need to follow the mainstream. You’d better find something unique and develop it.


Create a Portfolio

Of course, your portfolio should be digital, since this Internet is the number 1 place for potential clients and employers. Create your website where you will showcase your work and be sure to mention your contact data.


Boost Social Media

To get noticed, you need to create profiles on the most popular social platforms. Be sure to add links to your site and remember to post content often.

What is more, it is not worth hoping that your audience will find your website on its own. You need to promote your website and social media profiles. With the help of social networks, you can collect an audience and potential customers much faster. Then the audience will go to your site, and as practice shows, these will be those who are really interested in your creativity and services.


Start Cooperation with Leading Companies

Once you have established yourself in the Internet community and have a decent portfolio, it’s time to monetize your passion for photography. The more experience you have, the more serious companies will want to work with you, and the sale of your photos in photo banks will remain an additional source of income. Often, those who are interested in high-quality aerial photos and videos will collaborate with companies, rather than sites such as Pixabay or Shutterstock.


What Companies Will Bring You Popularity, Experience, and Good Earnings?

As you may have guessed, stock photography is not the only way to sell your photos. Moreover, this is one of the most ineffective ways to make money today. Clients who are serious about their business will want unique photos and videos. Such customers will buy high-quality pictures at a high price. Most likely, they are exactly the ones you need. But how do you find such clients?

It is worth paying attention to the HosiHo company, which has been on the market for over 6 years. This is not a photobank where your work will hang for years until someone decides to buy your content. This company provides customers with what they need. Aerial photographers & drone filmakers can inquire here to start to sell aerial footage.

If you think that this company will accept all your work, then it is not so. As already mentioned, this is not a photo exchanger that will buy up or post any photos or videos for sale. The company will carefully select the materials that are in demand. Since the company is engaged in aerial cinematography, they know a lot about good material. But this approach kills two birds with one stone at once. Customers get what they want, and the photographer gets paid and does not wait for years until his photo and video materials interest someone.

So this is a great place if you want to develop as a professional and make aerial photography your main job and source of income. By the way, the company accepts pictures taken from other aircraft (helicopters, airplanes, and even a balloon).

This company gives the photographer a chance to get not only Internet clients but also to cooperate with audiovisual companies and even TV. Also, you will be able to get in touch with individual customers. Within the framework of the platform, there is a group in which individual orders are published for which there were no executors. So this is another opportunity to earn money in addition to selling aerial photos or footage. In terms of payment, the platform offers 50% of the cost.

So if you want to grow as a professional and get good earnings, then do not waste time and fill out the form on the site to start cooperation. You can find out the basic requirements on how to start cooperation on the official website.


The Final Words

Making a business out of your aerial photography hobby is absolutely possible. To do this, you will need to work hard on some of the nuances and pay attention to the tips from this article. They will help you become a professional aerial photographer, not an amateur.

Of course, it will take time and effort to achieve what you want, but the result will not keep you waiting. Especially when you know that ordinary photo stocks are not the ultimate dream of a photographer. Stop being upset because of the fact that photo banks do not generate profit. Do not be afraid to cooperate with professional companies, and start making money out of your aerial photos already today!

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