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How Intraday Trading can be an Career

Why Intraday Trading is Career Option ?

Due to COVID-19 everything about job security has gone for a toss, irrespective of the sector or the posts like Senior Management, Middle management, Administrator, Developer etc.

For many people constantly upgrading their knowledge in their own sectors by reading more books or registering for the advance course or completing post graduation etc are only way of climbing up in their career.

Due to the Banks giving loans easily if you earn decent income from a MNC, everyone is trapped with a Housing loan, Car Loan or Personal Loan. While it might be very easy to get a loan, imagine the stress we will face if we suddenly lose a job without option of joining any other better company like now. As almost all kind of companies in some kind of trouble and the chances of even getting same salary is tough, even if you are not dreaming about a hike in salary.

Learning Intraday Trading can help you to manage those stressful times, even though you cannot manage to do intraday trading during office working hours. If you want to become one of the successful Intraday traders, it is very important that you stay in touch with market or basics of trading even if you are not actively trading. When you are searching for jobs but not finding anything relevant to your skills, you can utilise the intraday trading experience to make money.

Intraday Trading is Suitable for Fresh Graduates ?

Why not! Fresh graduates have bright chances of becoming profitable intraday trader than any one else starting late, because they are new, energetic and can focus and feel less stress.

The only info they need is how to identify the stocks for intraday trading. Every one knows that buy low and sell high or sell high and buy low is the key to make money irrespective of the mode of trade.

Almost all kind of stock brokers or trading platforms support various charts and some even allow to place orders directly from the charts.

Candlestick pattern is among the best for intraday traders. If you know which stocks to monitor and the levels for buy and sell, you can literally mint your own money by trading based on the patterns and market trend of the day.

Most of the intraday traders use 3 minutes chart to decide on entry and exits. Our website assists in providing you the list of best stocks for intraday trading to beginners.

It is very important for newbie to spend at least few weeks of tracking, monitoring and fine tuning his method before starting to trade with real money.

If you thing intraday trading is very easy, you got it wrong. Intraday trading is an delicate art, not everyone is capable of doing it correctly without practice.

Can any one do Intraday Trading in India ?

You need to be at least 18 years old and have an pan card to be eligible for intraday trading. If you are an student who has just completed high school and prepare to join college or university, it is the right time to start learning intraday trading.

Who knows, if you master the skills in stock market and able to build wealth in your free time by becoming an intraday trader you can settle yourself as professional Intraday specialist without attending any interviews and be your own boss.

Once you master the charts, methods and strategies you can apply the same in any country stock market. The same skills can be put in to use as an short term investor in equities as well.

How much money you need to make money as an Intraday Trader ?

You can start with as low as Rs.1000/- budget to be an intraday trader. However you might need to spend few hundred rupees first to open your trading account and few hundred rupees per year if you choose to open demat account as well.

Best advise would be to start learning and test your skills first in Virtual stock market games and then start with as much low investment as possible. If you directly jump into stock market intraday trading without making efforts to learn and improve yourself, your money will be gone in few hours or few days if not in few minutes.

Why to become an Intraday Trader ?

Be your own boss. Decide when to work, how many hours of work etc. All weekends are free for you to do your favorite things, as all global stock markets are closed during weekends and most of the local festivals.

You are not in trading mode today, take off, no need to write mails, make phone calls and plead your manager for permission or leave !

Intraday Trading doesn’t have cons ?

Anything in this world does have their pros and cons. Intraday trading is NOT an exception. If you are an guy who gets depressed if the trade results in loss, then this is not your area. You need to be strong minded without emotional attachments on the stocks on which you do intraday trading. You should know how and when to book your profits and quit trading for the day. Too much of intraday trading on same day might turn your early profits into heavy loss in no time if you are not sensible person.

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