Be Intraday Trader

Why you have to be Intraday Trader ?

Intraday Trading provides more leverage than the amount you have which can work for your advantage if done correctly. At the same time you can loose your entire capital over time if done randomly without following any intraday trading rules. Learn more about day trading here

What is the Difference between being an Investor and an Intraday Trader ?

In Intraday Trading the profits or loss are Squared off on the same day within trading hours. If you don’t want to trade on few days, you can easily take break and comeback whenever you want. But if you are an short term investor and don’t track the market for even one or two trading days and unfortunately the stocks which you hold crashes, it will result in a loss. If proper stop loss order was not placed with your broker, the loss will be huge for an short term trader. The trading ability of the short term investor is LIMITED by his investment capacity. You can do intraday
trading between 3 to even 15 times of your investment based on the LEVERAGE given for that stock by your stock broker.

Intraday Trading Rules

  • One of the important rules of intraday trading is YOU SHOULD NOT Trade more than 10% of your overall asset value.
  • One should never borrow money to invest or for doing intraday trading as it will be double loss for you if your decisions go wrong.
  • Learn and Test your own strategies for intraday trading via paper trading or dummy trading for at least few weeks before investing real money.
  • Be Realistic and don’t expect miracle results or profits every time. No person or No method which can guarantee 100% results.
  • Don’t be afraid to USE STOP LOSS. If you don’t place stop loss order once you take position in a stock then there WILL NOT BE ANY STOP to your loss.
  • Constantly monitor the stock till your target or stop loss is reached. If you notice trend reversal when you are still in profits, immediately square off without waiting for your target.
  • Trade ONLY ON STOCKS which are traded in high volume with volatile price movements through out the day.
  • If you are profitable in first few trades, stop trading for the day to save your profits for that day.

What are OUR Rules of Intraday Trading ?

1) If the current intraday trend is Bullish focus ONLY on Buying Opportunities
2) If the current intraday trend is Bearish focus ONLY on Selling Opportunities
3) Focus only on stocks where abs(100*(CP-OP)/CP) is Very close to ZERO.
4) Take the previous day high or low or use gann calculator values arrived from closing rate of previous day to arrive at Break out levels.
5) Stop Loss levels are decided based on your buying or selling rates.
6) Close the positions as soon as possible.

One of the Intra trading strategy is to filter the stocks where open = high or open = low during the market hours

If open = low traders rush to buy the stock if the intraday trading trend is bullish (Bright Cloud Pattern)
If open = high traders rush to sell the stock if the intraday trading trend is bearish (Dark Cloud Pattern)

Why I need to follow or trust your site ?

  • It is good that you have that doubt. The simple answer is you NEED NOT TRUST us. Not ONLY US, NO ONE CAN provide you 100% working intrday trading tips.
  • We are just providing the list of stocks for next day with potential for profit based on the successful intraday formulas which has been working for long time.
  • If you are an new intraday trader or new to intraday trading, you are at the right place as you can test our of list of stocks for profitability via paper trading or dummy trading for few weeks before gaining confidence and then start trading on your own with your money.

I need an Best Trading account for Intraday Trading, can you provide one? Yes, simply contact us by writing an mail with your contact details, we will open your intraday account with one of the best discount brokerage firms with good leverage for intraday trading.